Drop your clothes off, get a ticket, go about your day and return later for pick up. That’s the wonderful world of dry cleaning. For people too busy or who would rather not bother washing their clothing, dry cleaning in Toronto can be a lifesaver.


It all started with a clumsy accident. Around the 1800’s Jolly Belin, a Frenchman, spilt kerosene on one of his cloths and found that the mixture made the material clean. From there he experimented a little with the kerosene to see if it was actually a better cleaner than soap and water, and guess what? He was right. He then opened a cleaning service in Paris that used his kerosene mix to clean clothes, which became the first ever dry-cleaning establishment. Today, less toxic cleaning agents are available to provide high quality dry cleaning.

With dry cleaning, certain sensitive garments and fabrics aren’t harmed during the cleaning process. The fluids prevent the fibres from getting wet because these special cleaning agents don’t contain water. This is why it’s important to get garments like your wool or silk clothing dry cleaned instead of laundered at home.

The fluids used in dry cleaning also have the ability to dissolve oil and grease much easier and better than water can. It also allows your clothing to return to a “like new” condition after being cleaned without being shrunk, distorted, or losing colour.




How many times have you washed something only to have it shrink? By taking your clothing to dry cleaners in Toronto you are able to let the professionals determine the right way to clean your clothing without any damage happening to them. Plus, while you may know what cotton and silk are you may not know many of the other more expensive or rare fabrics out there but dry cleaning experts do. They know how to care for all types of materials in order to ensure that they are cleaned properly.


Raise your hand if you hate ironing. Dry cleaners have pressing equipment that gives your clothing a wrinkle-free, like-new appearance that, to be honest, you probably can’t do yourself. No creases out of place and no distorted look. Plus, why would you want to spend the day over your ironing board when you could be out and about having fun?


Stains are hard to remove. We all know this. But dry cleaners use certain procedures and expert stain removing chemicals to remove tough stains. The type of chemicals you don’t have on hand. Do you know the difference between solvent-soluble stains and water-soluble stains? Your dry cleaning expert does. Because different stains require different treatments, it’s important to know the difference. Why risk a disaster when your dry cleaner is on hand to treat your clothes?

Convinced yet? Well at Vaundry we take all of this a step further. You don’t have to worry about dropping your clothing off. We’ll go to your doorstep and take your clothing back to our facility to clean it and then deliver it once it’s done. For more information on our dry cleaning services in Toronto, click here.




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